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Get the single, Happy Halloween, and sing about all the things you might find on Halloween using, “There’s a ~.” It’s a great song for the Halloween season, so get it now!

Track: 17
Target Vocab: Halloween, there’s a ~, adjectives

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BINGOBONGO Rock Song: Happy Halloween

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This BINGOBONGO song, Happy Halloween, is a simple song that teaches kids about various fun Halloween things. If you’re looking for a way to get in the Halloween mood during your English classes in October, this song is perfect for you. Kids will learn to say things like, “There’s a small, black cat,” “There’s a scary witch,” and more using the singular form with adjectives and nouns. They’ll also learn lots of fun Halloween sounds. Watch the free YouTube video for even more spooky Halloween fun.


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Song Lyrics

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
There’s a small black cat (Meow)
There’s a big white ghost (Boo)
There’s a scary witch (Hee hee hee)
There’s a pumpkin patch (Hooray)
There’s a skeleton (Clickety-clack)
There’s so much candy (Yummy)
Let’s go trick-or-treat (Trick-or-treat)

The Video

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