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Whether you’re planning for a single lesson, an event, or a full English curriculum, we’ve got everything you need for FREE! There are thousands of files including worksheets, flashcards, student profile cards, curriculum cards, games, activities, and more! Be sure to look around and see all the powerful teaching tools in our vast library which grows every month!

If you can’t find something, try the search page. If you need to download a lot in a hurry, then you might want to check out our Downloadable English Curriculum pages or our Monthly Member Resource Club.

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FREE Printable Flashcards for all your lessons!

We have a massive library of 1000s of flashcards. You can search for images based on topics or based on the level and unit of the vocabulary in the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum.

If you need interactive flashcards for online lessons, don’t forget about out our Editable Interactive Flashcards and DILLS Flashcards (online flashcard app).

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Colorful, fun, and effective ESL/EFL Worksheets

The strength of the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum is found its thousands of worksheets to build foundational English skills. Every worksheet is colorful and fun, so kids enjoy them more. More importantly, these EFL/ESL worksheets are process-based and help children develop independent problem-solving skills.

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Stop running in circles planning lessons! Try our free English Lesson Plans!

The BINGOBONGO English Curriculum is the choice of English schools around the world, and one of the biggest reasons is that the lesson plans are simple and ready to go. There are multiple levels with hundreds of lessons. Each lesson uses a Curriculum Card so teachers and students know instantly what is in the lesson. Throw in our free flashcards, worksheets, songs, video chants, and a little creativity, and you have fun English lessons ready to go without searching for new resources.

For additional interactive resources, we also have a huge library of Interactive Online Teaching Resources and a membership program that give you unlimited download access. It’s the ultimate source of great teaching tools for any English teacher.

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Master self-introductions and track progress with Student Profile Cards!

Our Student Profile Cards have multiple levels, each with foundational vocabulary including numbers, animals, months, and more. They’re great to use in lessons for taking attendance or playing games. We also recommend using them for a year to keep track of student progress with shapes and colors stickers as they complete each unit.

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Have fun with easy 10-minute printable crafts from our blog!

Studying English with worksheets, flashcards, songs, and games is fun, but it’s even more exciting if students can actually put the English to use as they make something fun from paper! We have a fun selection of various paper crafts that can be made in 10 minutes or lesson our our blog. Students will have fun coloring and feeding our ABC CHOMPERS, doing a quiz with our Paku Paku English Munchers, or making fun animal hats!

There are even more great activities on our blog, so check them out. Best of all, they’re all 100% free to download and print.

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It’s time for some free printable games!

There are so many printable games and interactive games on our site, it’s hard to tell you where to begin. Our advice is to look around for yourself and check out all our games.

For a complete series of BINGO games, word search worksheets, and Snake Race Games (Snakes and Ladders), head over to our friends at and download their free printable games. They use the same cute and colorful images that you’ll find on our flashcards and worksheets, and all those resources all FREE, too!