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Try our Word Super Search (Words starting with B) and teach kids phonics, reading, spelling, singular forms, plural forms, and more! Best of all, every time you open and start this interactive PDF activity, it creates a whole new word search. That means you can use it over and over, and your students will never get tired of searching for the words.

This Word Super Search has words that start with the letter B, and each word has a singular and plural form that kids must find: ball, balls, bat, bats, bed, beds

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Word Super Search (Words starting with B) – Interactive Online PDF Games

If your students think printable word find/wordsearch worksheets are fun, then they’ll love our Word Super Search interactive PDF games. That’s because they’re in an interactive PDF format which makes them fun and exciting in the classroom or in online lessons.

This Word Super Search interactive PDF game has the following vocabulary words: ball, balls, bat, bats, bed, beds

Don’t confuse this word find/wordsearch activity for an average word search. It can be used to teach kids a variety of useful things such as

spelling, phonics, and reading
singular/plural forms
cardinal numbers (first row, second letter, etc.)

Another great feature about this interactive game is that a completely different wordsearch box is created every time you hit the start button. That means one single PDF can be used over and over, and kids will always be up to the challenge of trying to find the words faster each time.

Just take a look at the video below to see how to use our Word Super Search interactive PDF game.

**Interactive PDF games and worksheets require Acrobat Reader (Free) to work. They may not be compatible with any other PDF viewing software, and BINGOBONGO Learning shall not be responsible for any problems arising due to software incompatibility.

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