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BINGOBONGO Rock Vol. 1 – Full Album (mp3 download)

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Download all the songs from BINGOBONGO Rock Vol. 1 to use in the classroom, at home, or anytime you want to rock in English!
19 original songs and remakes of popular classics. Karaoke tracks also included for some songs.


BINGOBONGO Rock Volume 1 is a must-have for any teacher or parent who wants to teach English in a fun and effective way. Kids will sing again and again, reinforcing the patterns found in these ESL kids songs. Flashcards and worksheets are also available to make a complete ESL curriculum.

1. Intro

2. Hello, Hello. How Are You?

3. ABC to XYZ

4. How Is the Weather?

5. Hello, Hello. What’s Your Name?

6. The Hokey Pokey Shake

7. Seven Days in a Week

8. What’s This? What’s That?

9. Five Little Monkeys

10. What Time Is It?

11. I Can Count

12. What Animals Do You Like?

13. Who’s Here?

14. What Do We Have? (The Monster Song)

15. Twelve Months of the Year?

16. Frog On a Log

17. Who Is the Leader?

18. Step By Step

19. The Janken Song

20. Hello, Hello. How Are You? (Karaoke)

21. Hello, Hello. What’s Your Name? (Karaoke)

22. What Time Is It? (Karaoke)

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