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Verbs Stickers 2 (60 Stickers from FUN!book 3)


60 ESL/EFL Verb Stickers (from FUN!book 3)

Now you can learn and review 60 verbs found in FUN!book  3: Conversation Blast Into the Past. These stickers have the same fun and colorful images used throughout the book, the flashcards, and our super popular ESL/EFL worksheets. We recommend getting one page of stickers per student and giving out stickers for motivation through the school year. Students love to collect all the stickers on their Stick-tionary Cards which are free to download and print.


Verbs Stickers 2 (60 Stickers from FUN!book 3: Conversation Blast Into the Past)

Size: A4, 60 stickers Paper: Glossy sticker paper
Printing: Offset
Great to use with: Stick-tionary Reward/Review System (a card students can use to collect stickers and review vocabulary)

Verbs: attack, bite, bloom, build, change, chew, choose, clap, climb, count, crawl, dip, dive, draw, erase, feed, float, fold, get on, hang, keep, let out, pack, park, pet, pour, put on, rain, raise, rent, save, scoop, send, shake, share, show, sign, smell, snap, snow, spell, spread, steal, stomp, surf, swallow, swing, tear, throw, throw away, tie, touch, trace, turn on, type, visit, water, wear, wipe, wrap

Download the Free Stick-tionary cards below or order them together with stickers above!

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Stickers only, Stickers + Stick-tionary Card


1 page, 20 pages (10% off), 50 pages (20% off)

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