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Test your knowledge with this fun Online ESL Halloween Quiz!

This free online Halloween quiz with 10 questions is a great way to test your knowledge of one of the most popular holidays in the world. There are 10 fun quiz questions about Halloween which are perfect for young kids or ESL/EFL learners.

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Don’t forget to practice the new words before you take the Interactive Online Halloween Quiz

If your students are very young or don’t know much about Halloween, you might want to spend some of your lessons teaching the vocabulary and customs before taking the interactive online Halloween quiz. In that case, you’ll love these resources about Halloween which teach all the Halloween words that you’ll find in the Halloween quiz below. There are even some fun Halloween crafts such as Ghost Lanterns and No-Mess Jack-o-Lanterns.

Now It’s Time to Take the Free Online Halloween Quiz

Halloween is a great way to teach international culture to children around the world. Here’s a free ESL Online Halloween quiz for children (and adults) to see how much they know about the popular holiday. You can also learn some fun Halloween words in the BINGOBONGO song below, “Happy Halloween.” Hover your mouse over the question or click to see the answer. You can also download the free, printable version of the quiz as a class worksheet.

Question 1

(True or false) The word 'witch' originally meant 'a wise woman'?


“Witch” is from the old English word “wicce” which means wise. Witches were highly respected before they got their scary Halloween reputation.

Question 2

(True or False) Many adults like to wear costumes and go parties.


More than 50% of adults in America wear costumes and go to Halloween parties.
大人 仮想 ハロウィン

Question 3

The colors of Halloween are orange and black. What does black represent?
A. Night
B. Black Cats
C. Death
D. Witches

C. Death!

Orange represents the autumn harvest, and black represents death. Hundreds of years ago, when the weather got cold and people got sick and some died, people thought that spirits of the dead were returning to take the living back with them.


Question 4

People thought an owl could change into which of the following?
A. Witch
B. Ghost
C. Vampire
D. Wolf

A. Witch

A. An owl is a Halloween symbol because people though they were witches. If someone heard an owl’s “hoot,” they thought someone would die.
梟 と ふくろう ハロウィン

Question 5

A bonfire is a symbol of Halloween, but what does 'bon' mean?


A long time ago people threw cow bones into the fire on Halloween to scare away ghosts.

Question 6

Which of the following are considered 'candy' in American English?
A. Chocolate
B. Gummy Bears
C. Gum
D. M&M's

All of them!

There are many kinds of treats for Halloween and Americans call them all candy!
ハロウィン キャンディ

Question 7

(True or false) Halloween is always the last Friday in October.


Halloween is always October 31, the last day of the month. Halloween can be any day of the week.

ハロウィン 10月31日

Question 8

Trick-or-treating on Halloween is popular because people can get a lot of candy. True or false, children and adults go trick-or-treating in America?


Trick-or-treating is only for children. In fact, in some cities in America, it’s illegal to go trick-or-treating if you are older than 12 years old.
子ども トリックオアトリート

Question 9

Which holiday has higher sales of chocolate in the USA?
A. Valentine's Day
B. Halloween

B. Halloween!

Chocolate sales are almost two times higher on Halloween than Valentine’s Day.

ハロウィン チョコ

Question 10

What food should you eat to avoid Dracula on Halloween?
A. Sushi
B. Tomato juice
C. Carrots
D. Garlic


Since thousands of years ago in Egypt, people thought garlic was good for curing disease and fighting bad spirits, including vampires.
バンパイアーは にんにく きらい

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