EFL/ESL Talking Posters – Counting by 5s (5 – 100)

This fun, colorful Talking Poster isn’t just a decoration! Combined with the online app, ABC TALK!box, it’s an exciting and interactive learning tool that creates fun audio, which is perfect for young learners of English! EFL/ESL Talking Posters are great to use in English lessons and warm-up activities to teach and review new vocabulary. There’s also a “Question Time” box with questions and answers that students can listen to and repeat to master speaking English.

To hear the audio or launch the interactive flashcards for any EFL/ESL Talking Poster, simply scan the Start QR Code at the top of the poster with any smartphone, tablet, or camera-equipped computer. After that, you’re ready to scan any Talk Code in the poster. (Scroll down to read more about how to use EFL/ESL Talking Posters.)

As soon as students try interactive Talking Posters, their motivation and excitement levels will skyrocket!

For schools outside of Japan, we recommend purchasing and downloading the high-resolution JPEG data and self-printing.