15 Gold Cookies (ABC EGGSplorers Credits)


Purchasing Gold Cookies is the fastest way to unlock levels in ABC EGGSplorers Online Game and get more Pets! These 15 cookies will let you unlock 3 level and get 30 new pets. As soon as you complete the purchase, the 15 Gold Cookies will be instantly added to your parent account. Any profile made under that account will be able to access the Gold Cookies to unlock levels.



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Get 15 Gold Cookies and Unlock Levels in ABC EGGSplorers

When you buy Gold Cookies from the ABC EGGSplorers Cookie Shop, you will be able to instantly unlock levels and get new pets.

Each level requires 5 Cookies to unlock and play, so these 15 Gold Cookies let you unlock 3 levels without doing any training levels. To unlock levels, you can either use Silver Cookies, which are earned by playing training levels, or use Gold Cookies, which can be purchased here. You can also use a combination of Silver and Gold Cookies to unlock levels.

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