BINGOBONGO Curriculum Cards
(Level 3 Unit 4 – Blue)

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All content in this level can be found in BINGOBONGO’s FUN!book 3: Conversation Blast Into the Past.

Level 3 – Unit 4

Free Curriculum Card Level 3 Unit 4
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Unit 4 Vocabulary

Nouns: address, beach, fall, information, leaf, leaves, library, mountains, museum, picnic, shopping center, spring, summer, weather forecast, winter

Adjectives: warm/cool, foggy/ clear, humid/dry, famous/unknown

Verbs: play outside, play inside, fly a kite, mow, decide, rake, surf, snowboard, turn red, borrow, rent, barbecue, bloom, rain, snow

Unit Questions:
1. How many CDs do you have?
2. What time do you get up?
3. Who do you like?
4. Where did you go last week?

Free Flashcards for Unit 4

Unit 4 Vocabulary Chants and Practice Videos

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