BINGOBONGO Curriculum Cards
(Level 2 – Unit 11 Green)

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Level 2 – Unit 11

Free Curriculum Card Level 2 Unit 11
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Verbs: stopping, sitting, running, getting, cutting, jumping, camping, swimming, helping
Comparative Adjectives: bigger/smaller, faster/slower, wetter/drier, harder/softer
Sight Words: ride, wear, try, air, glass, will, look, other, could, zoo
Review Vocab: chicken, elephant, fish, horse, monkey, snake, bird, panda, bee
Unit Topic:
What is this? This is ________.
What is that? That is ________.
What is it? It is ________.
What are these? These are ________.
What are those? Those are ________.
What are they? They are _______.
Unit Song: What Do We Have? 
Song Vocabulary: What do you have? I have a car. What do I have? You have a star. What do you have? What do I have? What do we have? We have a monster. We have a monster. We have a monster. Rah, rah, rah. (He has a cat / She has a hat / They have an alien)

Free Flashcards for Unit 11

Unit 11 Songs and Videos

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Unit Song What do we have?

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