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Sentence Scramble Worksheet Pack

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Our Sentence Scramble worksheets test students’ grammar and reading, by giving students a color-coded series of words that they know in a random order. Students must rearrange the words to unravel the real sentence. By reading aloud, students can learn the words in simple, memorable sentences and improve their speaking skills!

Language focus: can/can’t

All of the Sentence Scramble worksheets are included in our original book Verbs and Sight Words: Phonics and Reading Rally FUN!book 2. Verbs and Sight Words EFL Text FUNbook

in stock

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Sentence Scramble Worksheet Pack

In this worksheet, students use their grammar knowledge in a simple, guided fashion. The sentences are scrambled, but the color-coded words help students put the words into order. Students then finally put the sentences back in order without the help of colors! Every page also comes with an example at the top, so students can check the format before answering the questions. When students read their answers aloud, it is great speaking practice too!


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