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Diff-Pics (FUN!book 3) Worksheet 1

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Our Diff-Pics worksheets from FUN!book 3 are a great way to teach students how to explain the differences between things. After the students find all differences in the pictures, they can do the second page of writing practice to explain all the differences. It’s a great activity for lessons or homework!

These fun and unique worksheets are a part of  FUN!book 3: Conversation Blast Into the Past. You can download and use these worksheets individually, but you’ll find students improve much faster when they’re used in combination with our free flashcards, curriculum cards, videos, and other worksheets found in each unit of FUN!book 3.

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All 10 worksheets (20 pages) from the series.
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All worksheets from this series, plus all other worksheets from FUN!book 3 (over 200), all flashcards, MP3s, curriculum cards, videos, and more! Save tons of time and money. (Current price is only good for a single-educator license. Find out all the details here: Downloadable ESL/EFL Curriculum Level 3 (Coming Soon.)

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Diff-Pics (FUN!book 3, Download Curriculum Pack 3) Worksheets

Our Diff-Pics worksheets from FUN!book 3 aren’t just regular “Spot the difference” style worksheets… they supercharged with an additional writing section for students to use English to describe the differences after they find all eight of them. These worksheets are a great way to practice using useful grammar such as “There is,” “There isn’t,” “It has,” and more! There is an example sentence to help students get started when doing the writing practice, but teachers can encourage them to think about different ways to explain the differences they see. Any way you decide to use this worksheet will be fun and effective for students.

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Worksheet Format

Single Worksheet (Free Download), Complete Pack (10 Worksheets), Complete Curriculum Pack (Level 3)

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