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Worksheet Tutorial Video (Level 1 – FUN!book 1 p.105-p.108) L1_3-U1-L1

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Students who use Worksheet Tutorials Videos featuring Ari the Alligator can learn how to read, write, and speak English faster than simply using worksheets alone. Kids love to listen and watch as they follow along doing their own worksheets. Plus, hearing the explanations improves listening skills which leads to improved speaking ability.

You can use this video in online lessons and in the classroom, or students can watch at home as they do their homework.

After purchasing the video, you can either download it or stream and watch it. (Click the button below)

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Worksheet Tutorial Video with Ari the Alligator (Level 1 (Year 3) – Unit 1, Lesson 1,  p.105 – p.108)

Ari the Alligator loves doing his homework, and he’s great at explaining how to do each step as he says all the letters, words, and sentences. Once your students see how Ari does the worksheets, they will immediately begin to follow along while they get even more listening practice.

Check out the sample video below (various clips from all levels in the BINGOBONGO Curriculum.)

This video teaches how to do the following worksheets which you can download for free.

Writing Time
Matching Time
Amazing Time
Picture Time

Sometimes Ari does the worksheets quickly, but don’t worry! Students and teachers can easily pause the videos to work through the worksheets at their own pace.

This video can either be downloaded or streamed and watched directly by clicking the button below after purchase.

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Additional information

Flashcard Pack

Single Pack, Complete Set (A – Z), Complete Level 1 Curriculum

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