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All Star Kids (A.S.K.) Profile Cards – Level 4

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Make teaching easy and fun with BINGOBONGO’s original profile cards called All Star Kids Cards (A.S.K. Cards). This is the card for Level 1 students, and is ideal for students 3-6 years old.

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The front of the card has 15 questions that kids use to create their own awesome self-introduction, and lower down there is a section where kids can get BINGOBONGO Stickers for completing Challenge Units.

On the reverse side, students can practice asking the questions for their answers in English, and there fun illustrations for the A.S.K Card vocabulary for the level.
The vocabulary in this card includes fractions, places found in a town, professions, and some countries.

By combining the A.S.K. Cards with our other free resources including BINGOBONGO Curriculum Cards, flashcards (printable or digital), songs, videos, worksheets, and FUN!books, you can create any style of lesson which is perfect for your students’ needs!

Making the A.S.K. Cards is easy! Just follow these steps!

easy to make ESL EFL English profile cards

1. Download the free A.S.K. Card PDF file
2. Print the A.S.K. Cards and have the students write in their profiles
3. Print pictures of the students and glue them to the A.S.K. Cards
4. Laminate the A.S.K. Cards

After that, you can punch a hole in them and display them on the wall after class is finished or give them to the students to take home and study. Using these cards simplifies the curriculum so that students and teachers know what topics will be studied. Students also will have plenty of opportunities for repetition and review unlike a standard textbook. Best of all, BINGOBONGO’s A.S.K. Cards are perfect for keeping track of students progress and make learning English fun!

We have written about our A.S.K. Cards in two informative articles. Check them out to find out more about how we use these cards in our curriculum.

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