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A 100% Free ESL Phonics System Designed Just for ESL Students!

BINGOBONIC Phonics free worksheets

Try this effective new approach to teaching phonics to ESL/EFL students with our Free Phonics Worksheets

If you’re tired of the same old, boring, black and white CVC worksheets to teach phonics, then the free phonics worksheets from BINGOBONGO Learning, called BINGOBONIC Phonics, are just what you need. BINGOBONIC Phonics is a completely free phonics program that’s easy to use and simple to understand. Rather than abstractly teaching sounds of letters followed by sounding out words that EFL/ESL students typically haven’t learned, BINGOBONIC Phonics uses simple words that students already know to develop a natural English phonemic awareness, leading to greater motivation in students and faster progress when learning reading and writing. Best of all, every worksheet in the program has a section for speaking practice to make sure that students are regularly saying the sounds and practicing speaking.

To learn more, check out the detailed description of all the phonics worksheets here. Or  you can start downloading a couple worksheets to try out in classes. We think you’re going to love the results, but not as much as your students love doing the worksheets!

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