EZ Story Puzzles Worksheet 01 (Short A Sound)


EZ Story Puzzles Worksheet 01 (Short A Sounds)

EZ Story Puzzles Worksheets are a fun way for students to practice phonics and their ability to read in English by reading a short story. There are four colorful pictures on the worksheet to help students understand the story. Students read the simple sentences, and then match each to the picture that the sentence describes.

This EZ Story Puzzles Worksheet is a useful tool for phonics practice as it contains the following Short A Sound words: map, man, and, cat.

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EZ Story Puzzles Worksheets 01 (Short A Sounds)

This worksheet is part of the EZ BB Phonics Worksheet Series. Using the EZ Interactive Readers, the EZ Interactive Writersand the EZ Interactive Story Puzzles worksheets, teachers have access to tonnes of resources for teaching phonics to their students! And for a great digital resource for phonics practice, check out the accompanying EZ BB Phonics Interactive PDF Series!

EZ Story Puzzles Worksheets are a great way to get your students reading in English, while also having fun! First of all, students look over the four colorful pictures and try to understand the short story. Next, they look at the four sentences that describe the short story and try to pick out the words they know. Each sentence uses simple grammar and Short A Sound words to provide the right level of challenge for students learning phonics. Once students have read the sentences, they match them to the four pictures. The first picture and sentence are already matched for students as an example. When students finish matching the other pictures, they read the short story out loud to get some extra phonics and reading practice.

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