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Our fantastic new series of Super Sentences worksheets uses an original approach to bridging the gap between learning new words and grammar and applying them in real sentences. Students getting confused and not knowing what to write will no longer be a problem in your class!

The Super Sentences series of worksheets are all included in our original book Verbs and Sight Words: Phonics and Reading Rally FUN!book 2. Verbs and Sight Words EFL Text FUNbook

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Super Sentences Worksheet 19

This new series of sentence-building worksheets are the ideal way to bridge the gap between students learning words and fluently creating their own new, original sentences. Using Super Sentences, students are given the freedom and flexibility to be creative and make unique sentences. It’s easy for students to see how words and grammar become the building blocks for creating fun sentences using these free ESL writing worksheets. It’s like a connect-the-dots puzzle, but for writing sentences. Students first join the the words to form sentences, and then write out the sentences beneath. Students get to practice the grammar and vocabulary learned in the unit, and they get to create brand-new original sentences too! Finally, students can demonstrate their sentences to the class. The sentences can be as normal, or as silly as students like!  

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