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Student Memberships (bulk discount for schools)

From: ¥ 400 / month per member

Ordering and managing your students’ ABC FUN!box memberships in bulk makes life simple for your students while saving you time and money. Schools and educators can get up to 35% off the regular price when purchasing bulk memberships for their students. Read below to find out more.

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Take full control over your students’ ABC FUN!box memberships!

What are the benefits of buying and managing your students’ memberships?

When you purchase student memberships in bulk for your school, you can ensure that all of your students have access to the full potential of BINGOBONGO Learning’s resources. They will be able to access any interactive resources assigned from the ABC FUN!box, as well as take advantage of our Talking Posters, Talking Curriculum Cards, Digital Interactive Book System, and more!

Purchasing memberships in bulk also lets you simplify the payment process for your students. Rather than asking them to sign up and pay separately, you can include the student membership fees in your school tuition or materials fee.

How to purchase ABC FUN!box student memberships

Step 1: Order the memberships from this page

Select the appropriate quantity range based on the number of student memberships you need and enter the exact number. The cost of each membership decreases with each quantity range increase. Yearly memberships have an additional 5% discount.

Step 2: Go to your account page and open the “Classes/schools” link

From this area, you’ll be able to invite students to join and gain access to thousands of printable and interactive resources. (In order to join a membership, students must have a registered account on this site.)

Step 3: After they join, students can log in and gain access to chants, videos, games, and more!

Whether you’re building QR code lists as an at-home activity between lessons or having students use the ABC TALK!box to scan and listen to the audio from our FUN!books and Talking Posters, you can be sure that all of your students will have access to everything you have to offer them in your English program.

How much can I save with bulk student memberships?

The following charts show the price per membership for each quantity range, as well as monthly membership prices compared with yearly membership prices.

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Purchase and management tutorial videos

How to use purchase and manage bulk student memberships

These two videos will guide you through the process of purchasing memberships in bulk, inviting your students to join, and managing the memberships from your account page.

Part 1

  • Purchasing bulk student memberships
  • Accessing the student membership management area

Part 2

  • Inviting students to join by email or link
  • Joining a membership as a student

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I purchase a monthly or yearly membership?

For many schools, each class or grade is one year long. For this reason, it’s common to purchase the yearly membership and collect the fees from students at the beginning of the year.

2. Can I change the number of members in my plan?

Yes. There is an option to change your plan in the membership management area. You can increase or decrease the number of memberships in your plan. It is recommended only to change the number of memberships at the end of your current plan’s term.

3. What if new students join in the middle of a yearly plan?

In this case, it is recommended not to change the number of memberships for the yearly plan. Instead, you can purchase an additional set of monthly membership plans for the new students.

4. Can I get a refund if a student quits during the year?

We cannot refund any membership payments. If a student quits and has a yearly membership, you can inform them that their account will remain active until the end of the membership period and that they can continue to enjoy using the services at home on their own.

5. What is the difference between “automatic renewal” and “manual renewal” for yearly payments?

With “automatic renewal,” your memberships will be renewed and the payment deducted automatically. If “manual renewal” is selected, then the bulk membership is only valid for one year. After that it will expire, and your students will lose access to the resources. You can reactivate an expired membership plan anytime, however. (You can also adjust the number of memberships before reactivating.)

6. Can I still use the memberships after I cancel an “automatic renewal” plan?

Yes. You can continue using the memberships until the end of your current plan’s period. After that, your plan will expire, but you can reactivate the plan anytime. (You can also adjust the number of memberships before reactivating.)

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