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Spelling Practice (Letter A Words) – ABC CHOMP! Free Printouts

Play ABC CHOMP! and then master the spelling of all the words found in the game. These cute, colorful printouts are not only great for taking children’s reading skills to the next level, but kids love doing them since they have the words and pictures from the game they love.

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Spelling Practice (Letter A Words) – ABC CHOMP! Free Printouts

Rather than writing out boring spelling lists, kids can now practice spelling using a fun, new, problem-solving approach. The idea is so simple, we’re also wondering why no one else came up with it. Each printout has 5 words starting with a certain letter (with the exception of “X”). These five words are also the words found in the Spell ‘n’ Match Challenge and Chomp Challenge for that level in ABC CHOMP! Children must look at the picture and use problem-solving skills to decide which word from the hint box should be written. They can get clues by counting the number of letters or looking for other clue such as the vowel sounds or hint letters.

The amazing part is that the more kids play ABC CHOMP! the easier these printouts become. Before you know it, you’ll have confident CHOMPERS who can read.

Count the letters and looks for clues to find the correct word from the hint box.

The more kids play ABC CHOMP! the better their spelling and reading skills become.

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