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Matching Words and Letters (Letter H) – ABC CHOMP! Free Printout

Combine the ABC CHOMP! web app game with these free worksheets to create a great balance of study and play. The game reinforces listening and word recognition, while the printouts strengthen spelling, reading, and writing skills.

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Matching Words and Letters (Letter H) – ABC CHOMP! Freebies

If you’re looking for printouts to help kids get the grasp of easy words together while learning the ABCs and phonics, then these free alphabet practice worksheets are perfect for you! Each worksheet uses the same vocabulary found in ABC CHOMP!, so kids already have an understanding of the words and the sounds. They will have tons of fun doing these worksheets while building a strong spelling and phonics foundation. Get all 26 printouts, one for each letter of the alphabet and level of ABC CHOMP!

Bonus round demo

Practice the spelling of every word in our Spell ‘n’ Match Challenge !

Worksheet contains the same vocabulary words as ABC Chomp!


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