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Sevilo (Black Rabbit) | Battle Eggs Pet Card 70

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Get the black rabbit with 97 PPP, Sevilo /se’viloh/, for your Battle Eggs Pet Deck now! Sevilo loves hiding eggs, drinking black tea, and more importantly, helping you win Pet Battles when you play Battle Eggs, the ultimate brain battle game.

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Battle Eggs Pet Card 70 | Sevilo (Black Rabbit)

Buy the single Pet Card of Sevilo (/se’viloh/) or try to find it in an official Pet Deck. Once each player has their own Pet Deck, you’ll be ready to go to battle with various levels of Battle Decks. The more you play, the more you’ll learn. And the more you know, the more points you can get to win!

Profile of Sevilo

  • Name: Sevilo (/se’viloh/)
  • Pet Power Points (PPP):  97 (strong)
  • Pet Type: Rabbit
  • Pet Color: Black
  • Weather Attack: Sunny
  • Birthday: June 24
  • Power Shape: Moon
  • Mood: OK
  • Favorite Drink: Black tea
  • Hobby: Hiding eggs

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