Practice CD 1 (FUN!book 2-Verb & Sight Words)


Get the practice CD 1 for the first half (Units 1 – 10) of FUN!book 2 (Verbs & Sight Words) to create a multi-sensory curriculum and speed up the learning process. It’s highly recommended for ESL/EFL students learning to read and write.


Practice CD 1 (FUN!book 2-Verb & Sight Words)

Get your students in the habit of studying English outside the classroom using the practice CD1 for the Super Easy Verbs & Sight Words: Phonics & Reading Rally FUN!book. Students can practice at home and master the vocabulary and phrases found in FUN!book. The CD contains the following tracks for the first half of the book (Units 1 – 10):

*10 tracks for verb practice (90 verbs)
*10 tracks for adjective practice (80 adjectives)
*20 tracks for Sight Words (200 sight words)
*10 tracks for Code Time worksheets
*10 tracks for Story Time worksheets

This practice CD combined with the practice DVD is highly recommended for any curriculum using BINGOBONGO’s FUN!books. You’ll be surprised how fast students progress using this multi-sensory system.

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