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Instant Lesson Pack ★ Level 2 [Unit 11 – Lesson 3]

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Save time and money planning your next lesson! Get the Instant Lesson Pack download for Level 2 Year 2 (Unit 11- Lesson 3) with the easy-to-use resources that make teaching fun and easy, both in the classroom and online.

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Instant Lesson Pack for Level 2 – Unit 11 – Lesson 3

BINGOBONGO Learning’s Instant Lesson Packs include absolutely everything you need to teach fun and interactive online English lessons! This pack comes with a detailed lesson plan, explaining BBL’s suggested timings for each activity, and also the order we have found they work best in. The plan makes teaching even online lessons easy and adds a great level of structure in-line with BBL’s curricula. For more instant lesson packs in this level check out our Instant Lesson Plan page.

This pack includes the following Interactive PDF Resources and Video Resources:

1- Editable Interactive PDF Tools for Teachers

PDF tools for teachers are a great way to warm up in any online or face-to-face lesson and can be used to practice everyday key phrases. As these PDFs are editable in-lesson, students will really enjoy seeing what they say become a part of the lesson!

2- Easy PDF Kids Games

BBL’s easy PDF kids games add an interactive element to each class that is also fun and attention-grabbing for students. Each PDF focuses on a different vocabulary set and helps with learning spellings, practicing writing and pronunciation of key vocabulary.

3- Chant Videos

Introduce and then practice each unit’s new words with these engaging videos! Watching the videos and listening to the audio helps students learn both how to say and how to write each new word and can also be used for phonetics practice.

4- Editable Interactive Flashcards

EIFs are another great way for students to learn the keywords for each unit. The flashcards are completely editable meaning you can tailor them to the exact level of your students, and changing the flashcards on screen adds even more interactivity to each class!

6- Worksheet Tutorial Video

Doing homework can be difficult with online teaching but Ari the Alligator is a teacher’s best friend as he helps students by showing them exactly how to complete each worksheet. Each video comes with complete narration to explain to students how to do each activity.

**These flashcards require Acrobat Reader (Free) to work. They may not be compatible with any other PDF viewing software, and BINGOBONGO Learning shall not be responsible for any problems arising due to software incompatibility.

Download Adobe Reader here for free.

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