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Free Phonics Worksheets – Downloadable PDF 30

After you play ABC CHOMP!, be sure to maximize the education value by working through these free phonics printouts. Combining the listening exposure from the game together with reading and writing practice for the game vocabulary is the ultimate way to develop a strong foundation in reading!

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Free Phonics Worksheets – ABC CHOMP! Downloadable PDF 30

A strong, intuitive understanding of phonics allows children to develop reading skills much faster, allowing them to enjoy the process rather than feeling frustrated. By using the ABC CHOMP! Free Phonics Worksheets Program, children will be able to naturally develop phonics awareness by associating the sounds of the words and letters they hear in-game with the same words found in these free worksheets.

The activities in these free phonics worksheets are so easy to understand that even children as young as 3 years old can do them. Plus, they’re fun, colorful, and use all the vocabulary and characters found in the game. There are 30 free phonics printouts total, covering short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, consonants, CV/VC/CVC practice, and speaking practice.

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