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EFL/ESL Talking Poster | Describing People

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EFL/ESL Talking Posters – Clothes

This fun, colorful Talking Poster isn’t just a decoration! Combined with the online app, ABC TALK!box, it’s an exciting and interactive learning tool that creates fun audio, which is perfect for young learners of English! EFL/ESL Talking Posters are great to use in English lessons and warm-up activities to teach and review new vocabulary. There’s also a “Question Time” box with questions and answers that students can listen to and repeat to master speaking English.

To hear the audio or launch the interactive flashcards for any EFL/ESL Talking Poster, simply scan the Start QR Code at the top of the poster with any smartphone, tablet, or camera-equipped computer. After that, you’re ready to scan any Talk Code in the poster. (Scroll down to read more about how to use EFL/ESL Talking Posters.)

As soon as students try interactive Talking Posters, their motivation and excitement levels will skyrocket!

For schools outside of Japan, we recommend purchasing and downloading the high-resolution JPEG data and self-printing.
Poster Size / Lamination
Variation picture for Data Only (594 x 841 mm, 200 DPI, JPEG)
Data Only (594 x 841 mm, 200 DPI, JPEG)
$ 6
Download the data to print the posters for a single location. Printed posters may not be resold or used in multiple locations/schools.
Variation picture for A1 Size (594 x 841 mm)
A1 Size (594 x 841 mm)
$ 20
Variation picture for A1 Size, Laminated (glossy)
A1 Size, Laminated (glossy)
$ 30
Variation picture for A1 Size, Laminated (matte, borderless)
A1 Size, Laminated (matte, borderless)
$ 35
Variation picture for A2 Size (420 x 594 mm)
A2 Size (420 x 594 mm)
$ 18
Variation picture for A2 Size, Laminated (glossy)
A2 Size, Laminated (glossy)
$ 28
Variation picture for A2 Size, Laminated (matte, borderless)
A2 Size, Laminated (matte, borderless)
$ 33

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EFL/ESL Talking Posters

No app downloads required to use the audio feature!

Check out the Talking Posters in action! (Don’t forget to turn up the volume!)

Get ready for a completely new kind of poster in your classroom!

Turn your classroom into an interactive learning zone with Talking Posters! The audio for the poster content such as vocabulary, questions, and answers can be played using almost any smartphone, mobile device, or camera-equipped computer. Just scan the Start QR Code at the top of any poster to launch the ABC TALK!box* and then scan any Talk Code you see in the poster.

*Get unlimited access to the ABC TALK!box with a Teacher Plus membership or Student Basic membership.

In addition, any poster can be turned into an interactive flashcard set instantly to teach vocabulary, pronunciation, and even spelling! That means Talking Posters can be a fun interactive resource for kids or an effective teaching tool for teachers.

Don’t forget to select the laminated option for posters that are super durable. They’re great for handling and passing around during lessons and games. Plus, they last much longer!

Product Information:

Poster Data Only (For self-printing)

Size: 3000 x 4200px – Printable up to A1 size with excellent image detail
*Talk Codes may not work if printed smaller than A3 size.

Printed Posters (Only Available in Japan)

Available Sizes: A1 – 594 x 841 mm (23.4 x 33.1 in) | A2 – 420 x 594 mm (16.5 x 23.4 in)

Paper: Heavyweight coated matte paper

Laminating Options: Laminated (recommended) | Unlaminated

Printing: 12 color inkjet

How to use the ABC TALK!box with Talking Posters

Step 1: Scan the the Start QR Code from any poster to launch the ABC TALK!box

talkbox start qr

Scanning the QR Code opens the ABC TALK!box website in your preferred browser. You can use a smartphone, tablet, computer, or any other device with an internet connection and camera.

*If you’re not already logged in, then log in to your BINGOBONGO Learning account.
*If you don’t have a Teacher Plus membership or Student Basic membership, please sign up for unlimited access to the ABC TAlk!box.
*Some browsers may behave differently. Please test the ABC TALK!box before signing up for a membership.

Step 2: Choose the ABC TALK!box mode

talkbox modes

There are three modes you can choose from when using the ABC TALK!box.

Mode 1: In this mode, after you scan any Talk Code, a slide from an interactive flashcard pack will appear. You can touch the picture, words, letters, or speech icons to interact with the flashcard depending on the type of slide.

Mode 2: In this mode, scanning a Talk Code will play the audio and show an image without launching the interactive flashcards. The audio and preview image will change as each new Talk Code is scanned.

Mode 3: This mode will launch the interactive flashcards for the most recently loaded poster or vocabulary set (the last scanned Start QR Code or Talk Code). To change the flashcard pack, simply scan the Start QR Code or Talk Code from any poster or worksheet with the vocabulary you wish to use.

Step 3: Scan the Talk Code on any poster, worksheet, or in BINGOBONGO FUN!books.

talk code sample

Each vocabulary word and Q&A challenge on the Talking Posters has a Talk Code, which is an orange 2D code in a white speech bubble. Depending on the ABC TALK!box mode, you can either hear the audio or launch an interactive flashcard set (modes 1 or 2).

So many Talking Posters! So much FUN!

Check out all the other Talking Posters in the collection below and find the next great interactive learning tool for your classroom. The library of Talking Posters is always growing, so don’t forget to check back often to see the newest posters in the library.

Is there a poster you want, but can’t find? Send us an email and we’ll try to help.

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Additional information

Poster Size / Lamination

Data Only (594 x 841 mm, 200 DPI, JPEG), A1 Size (594 x 841 mm), A1 Size, Laminated (glossy), A1 Size, Laminated (matte, borderless), A2 Size (420 x 594 mm), A2 Size, Laminated (glossy), A2 Size, Laminated (matte, borderless)

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