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Phonics Matching Time ESL/EFL Worksheets
Phonics Matching Time ESL/EFL worksheets are designed to help students learn the phonetic sound of each letter of the alphabet by associating groups of words starting with each letter. Each worksheet (26 in all) has 10 words, 5 of which start with the same letter, and 5 words starting with different letters. Students must connect the words that start with the letter to the big letter in the middle, and connect the other words to the letter with an “X” through it.

All of the vocabulary words are simple, fun, and perfect for young learners. If the students don’t know all of the vocabulary, it’s a great chance for them to learn. If the alphabet is still too difficult (for especially young students), the teacher can write the words on the whiteboard and have the students repeat the letters.

You can also download the free flashcards for each letter in our flashcards section of the resource center and use them to teach the vocabulary and explain how to do the worksheet.

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