English Race Time – Free ESL Games
You probably remember the game “Snakes and Ladders” from your childhood. Well, “English Race Time Game” is the BINGOBONGO version of that classic kid favorite. The best part about our variation is that teachers can use the game to help students practice questions and answers. The game is so simple and fun that kids of any age will understand how to play without explanation. Plus, the game uses dice, so kids can also practice counting in English.

If the students’ level is low, then they can simply say the word of the square they land on. Once the vocabulary is familiar, teachers can ask students questions like, “How is the weather?,” or “Is it rainy today?” for example (for the “How is the Weather” English Race Time.)

English Race Time Game cards can be printed at regular size or printed large and laminated for a fun whiteboard/blackboard activity. We are adding new vocabulary sets for the game regularly, so check back often. If there’s a specific vocab set you can’t find, send us a message and we can make it soon.

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