Do you like music? Do you like singing? We hope that you do because our new music video, “What Animals Do You Like?” is finally here! Come and sing along with our cute and funny puppets and learn some new words and questions.

Perhaps many of you already know this song as it is number 12 on the A-Go Kids Rock CD, so sing loud and have a great time improving your English with us.


Target Vocabulary

In this song you will be able to learn the following phrases:

What _(noun)_ do you like?       (Animals / fruit / color)

I like _(noun)_.                           (Rabbits / Cats / Frogs

I don’t like _(noun)_.                  (Frogs)


Do you like _(noun)_?                (Bananas / snakes / green)

Yes, I do.

No, I don’t.


The flashcards to these questions, as well as flashcards for all the animals, colors and fruits are all coming very soon, so keep checking this space.


We would love to hear about what you think of our new video, so if you have any thoughts or questions then please send us a message or leave a comment on our Youtube video!


Have a great day!


“What animals do you have?” can currently be found on our A-Go Kids Rock album available in our online store or it can be purchased separately at the following places:

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