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BINGOBONGO Learning FREE FLashcards worksheets and games

ABC Phonics Interactive Flashcards are a fun and enjoyable way to teach phonics and the alphabet!

There are so many reasons to love our ABC Phonics Interactive Flashcards.

  • They don’t require special apps, software, or memberships to use. (You only need the free Adobe Reader app)
  • They are small lightweight files, so they can be used easily in online lessons or in the classroom
  • They have different options, so you can use them with different ages and levels
  • They’re interactive and effective for teaching English

Our ABC Phonics Interactive Flashcards can be used to practice all letters from A-Z in 6 different modes, meaning your students will master the alphabet in no time!

Our ABC Phonics Interactive Flashcards are fun and exciting, yet simple and hassle-free. That’s why they’re ideal for teaching in classrooms or in online lessons. We add new games each month so check back often!

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