Our Posters and Stickers are more than just decorations!

Almost every English teacher relies on stickers and posters for decoration or motivation, but our posters and stickers actually become a part of the lesson. Our posters are bright, colorful, and best of all, laminated. That means you can take them off the wall and use them for games and activities. Each poster also has a Q & A box which is great for lesson warm-ups and activities.

Our stickers are also powerful teaching tools. Instead of giving students stickers as a prize or reward, we decided to make a Sticker Street Rally Card, and let each student collect all the stickers. There are colors and shapes, alphabet and ABC words, and verbs from FUN!book 2. That means stickers actually become a meaningful part of the lesson. There are a variety of ways to use the stickers in classes with our A.S.K. Cards as well.