These are the required supplies: 2 trays (1 small, 1 medium), green felt, 2 small plastic cups, colored duct tape, permanent markers, fake plants, dinosaurs, scissors, double sided tape

Make an outline of the bottom of the medium tray on the felt and cut out the circle as the “grass.”

The double sided tape doesn’t dispense on the plastic tray easily, so apply tape to the felt.

Add the remaining felt to the side if you want.

Apply long strips of tape to form the mountain as pictured.

After the first two long strips of tape are added in a “plus” shape, you can use short pieces of tape to fill in the remaining gaps.

Add some details using permanent (oil-based) markers. (Don’t forget to write your name on the bottom as well.)

Add a lot of double sided tape to the felt where the volcano will rest. Make sure to get a lot of tape on the area where the edges of the small tray will sit on the felt.

Attach the volcano to the felt. It won’t be super strong, but strong enough for the activity.

Add plants and decorations using tape

Put some dinosaurs in the volcano hot spring.

The first video didn’t have enough baking soda/vinegar. The second video is better. The ratio used was:

baking soda: 30 grams
vinegar: 30 ml
dish soap: 3 grams