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Vocab Builder Worksheet Pack

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BINGOBONGO Learning’s Vocab Builder worksheets are a fun way to practice eight vocabulary words and practice handwriting and speaking skills.

Unit Vocabulary: chicken, panda, bee, snake, monkey, bird, horse, elephant.

All of the Vocab Builder worksheets are included in our original book Verbs and Sight Words: Phonics and Reading Rally FUN!book 2. Verbs and Sight Words EFL Text FUNbook

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Vocab Builder Worksheet Pack

BINGOBONGO Learning’s Vocab Builder worksheets are our simple and effective approach to reviewing the unit’s new vocabulary words. With bright illustrations and the words all on the page, it’s easy for students to match the words with the correct illustrations. The words are all put into context with eight different sentences, which students fill with the correct singular or plural forms. Finish off with an activity to read the sentences aloud for a super lesson with reading, writing, and speaking!

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