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Verbs – Editable Interactive Flashcards (Level 2 – Unit 2)

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Now you can use all your favorite BINGOBONGO Learning flashcards in our Editable Interactive Flashcard format. You can easily fill in your own verbs, sentences, and questions to make fun and interactive lessons online or in the classroom, using these editable verb flashcards. Students are amazed when you write the answers on the screen, right in front of their eyes. Another cool feature is the ability to save multiple copies for each of your lessons. These flashcards are from Verbs & Sight Words Phonics & Reading Rally FUN!book 2. All the worksheets, printable flashcards, mp3s, videos, lesson cards, and more are available to download in our Downloadable Curriculum Pack (Level 2).


Verbs – Editable Interactive Flashcards for FUN!book 2 and Downloadable Curriculum Level 2 (Unit 1 – unit 20)

BINGOBONGO Learning’s Editable Interactive Flashcards make lessons fun for students and teachers, both online and in the classroom.  With these PDF flashcards, you decide what the students learn on each flashcard, and so have lessons that are more effective. If the students already know the verbs, you can use these flashcards to introduce different tenses and patterns as well (start, started, starting, etc.).

The verbs for these verbs flashcards are: start, talk, hug, lick, tell, want, be quiet, cook, stand, but as the cards are customizable, you can change these however you would like!

Check out the video below to see Level 2 Verbs Editable Interactive Flashcards in action.

**These flashcards require Acrobat Reader (Free) to work. They may not be compatible with any other PDF viewing software, and BINGOBONGO Learning shall not be responsible for any problems arising due to software incompatibility.

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