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Story Time 1 (FUN!book 3) Worksheet 1


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Story Time 1 (Level 3) worksheets are a great way to strengthen reading and writing skills while reviewing all the vocab and grammar from each unit of FUN!book 3. These worksheets can be downloaded and used individually, but you’ll find students improve much faster when they’re used in combination with our free flashcards, curriculum cards, videos, and other worksheets found in each unit of FUN!book 3: Conversation Blast Into the Past.

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Story Time 1 (FUN!book 3, Download Curriculum Pack 3) Worksheet 1

Story Time 1 Worksheets are the perfect way for young ESL/EFL students to practicing reading, writing, and story comprehension. These worksheets tie together all of the vocabulary and grammar from each unit of FUN!book 3 and help students build the necessary skills for becoming fluent in English. They’re also a great tool for preparing students to take English entrance exams or standardized tests like EIKEN or TOEIC (in Japan).

These worksheets can be used in a variety of ways, but we recommend starting by first listening to the story or watching the video (coming soon) to practice listening comprehension. After that, the students can read the story out loud and answer the questions that follow.

10 year ESL EFL curriculum

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Single Worksheet (Free Download), Complete Pack (10 Worksheets), Complete Curriculum Pack (Level 3)

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