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Pic Talk (FUN!book 3) Worksheet 1


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Pic Talk (Level 3) worksheets get students to create sentences using pictures! Students unscramble the sentences from the worksheet and add the missing vocabulary they have learned in their current FUN!book 3 unit.

These fun and unique worksheets are a part of  FUN!book 3: Conversation Blast Into the Past. You can download and use these worksheets individually, but you’ll find students improve much faster when they’re used in combination with our free flashcards, curriculum cards, videos, and other worksheets found in each unit of FUN!book 3.

If your students love these worksheets and you find yourself using BINGOBONGO Learning’s products more and more, why not save yourself tons of time preparing lessons and use the FUN!books or Downloadable Curriculum Packs in class.


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Pic Talk (FUN!book 3, Download Curriculum Pack 3) Worksheet 1

Pic Talk Worksheets get students to make their own sentences using the new vocabulary they learn in each unit of FUN!Book 3. First, students look at the pictures provided and then try to unscramble the sentences below. To complete the sentence, students have to remember and add the new vocabulary they’ve learned.

These worksheets are simple enough that students can figure out the answers from the context, but they’re fun enough to use as a classroom activity!

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Single Worksheet (Free Download), Complete Pack (10 Worksheets), Complete Curriculum Pack (Level 3)

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