Letter Leftovers Verbs Word Search (FUN!book 3) Worksheet 1


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Need to teach and review the past tense forms of verbs? Then Letter Leftover Worksheets are exactly what you need. Students must write the past tense forms of the verbs in each worksheet and find them in the word search. After that, the leftover letters can be used to solve the riddle. It’s fun for a wide range of students and sure to be a hit in any class!

These fun and unique worksheets are a part of  FUN!book 3: Conversation Blast Into the Past. You can download and use these worksheets individually, but you’ll find students improve much faster when they’re used in combination with our free flashcards, curriculum cards, videos, and other worksheets found in each unit of FUN!book 3.

If your students love these worksheets and you find yourself using BINGOBONGO Learning’s products more and more, why not save yourself tons of time preparing lessons and use the FUN!books or Downloadable Curriculum Packs in class.


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Letter Leftovers Verbs Word Search (FUN!book 3, Download Curriculum Pack 3) Worksheets

Letter Leftover Worksheets are awesome for reviewing verbs from FUN!book 2 and learning the past tense forms. Students must write all the past tense forms next to the present tense words. After that, they must find all 18 words in the word search box. Finally, the students can use the letters which haven’t been circled to solve the riddle at the end. Don’t forget to check out the Verb Matching Worksheets and Verbs Flashcards to practice the verbs first.

These worksheets are a great in-class activity to get students working together to learn the verbs and solve the riddle!

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