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Interactive Weather Flashcards (PDF Tools for Teachers)


Get your students in a great lesson routine with these  Editable Interactive PDF Tools for Teachers. They add structure while allowing kids to practice a variety of foundational English expressions.

This PDF can be used to practice 7 different types of weather with key question and answer phrases. Each page has a clickable button for students to practice using “Yes, it is.” or “No, it isn’t.” in an interactive way!


Weather Cards (Editable Interactive PDF Tools for Teachers)

Using these PDFs at the start of each lesson helps students get into the habit of focusing on learning from the beginning of each class.

These Interactive PDF Weather Flashcards have the following vocabulary words: sunny, cloudy, rainy, windy, snowy, hot, cold.

Each flashcard in the pack has input boxes which can be customized live on screen, adding to the interactivity of the class as students can see the cards change based on how they answer questions from their teacher! The slides also come with two clickable buttons that you can use to practice: Yes, it is. and No, it isn’t.

The PDFs make it easy to practice a range of key phrases with students such as “Is it… today?”, “How is the weather today?”, and all of the weather vocabulary.

**These flashcards require Acrobat Reader (Free) to work. They may not be compatible with any other PDF viewing software, and BINGOBONGO Learning shall not be responsible for any problems arising due to software incompatibility.

Download Adobe Reader here for free.

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