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FUN!book 2 – Verbs & Sight Words | EFL/ESL Coursebook/Workbook


FUN!book 2: Super Easy Verbs & Sight Words teaches students 90 new verbs, 80 new adjectives, and over 160 nouns in a fun and exciting English course.

Using this FUN!books, teachers can prepare lessons in minutes with the ABC FUN!box to use chant videos, an interactive reading app, digital flashcards, worksheet solutions, video tutorials, and more!


FUN!book 2: Super Easy Verbs & Sight Words! | EFL/ESL Coursebook & Workbook

FUNbook 2 is the EFL/ESL textbook that sets students up for success!

Super Easy Verbs and Sight Words: Phonics and Reading Rally  follows Super Easy ABCs and 123s Reading and Phonics FUN!book and the Phonics Plus Math FUN!book in the FUN!book series. And just like the two previous FUN!books, FUN!book 2 is packed with colorful, exciting worksheets that kids love! Get ready to jump into an exciting world of reading, writing, and phonics exercises which put the focus on speaking.

FUNbook 2 EFL/ESL Textbook Features

★ Colorful and engaging student-approved worksheets

The worksheet styles found in unit 1 repeat for every unit, so students quickly become familiar with the process, allowing them to concentrate on the content. Worksheets can also be torn out of the book and assigned page by page to simplify the homework process.

★ Speaking-focused worksheets that can be used as activities in lessons

FUN!book worksheets are not only great for teaching reading and writing, but they’re filled with speaking and listening activities that can be done in lessons.

★ ABC FUN!box support for interactive online lessons, blended learning, or flipped classrooms

Using the ABC FUN!box, students and teachers can quickly access worksheet solutions, flashcards, interactive games, tutorial videos, and many other resources from our massive Online Resource Library and Online Teaching Platform. That means students will have more confidence to learn independently, letting teachers spend more time focusing on communication-based activities.

★ Teach grammar through experience

FUNbook 2 picks up where FUN!book 1 leaves off and introduces 90 new verbs,  80 new adjectives, 200 sight words, and over 160 new nouns in a multi-angled approach to teaching phonics and reading. The worksheets are all based on fun and colorful activities which help keep lessons fun and exciting every time.

★ No need to plan lessons with FUN!books!

When using FUN!books, there’s no need to search for flashcards, resources, games, or activities in lessons since it’s all ready to go in the ABC FUN!box. You can build your own custom lesson plans from thousands of resources or use our standard lesson plans and reduce your lesson prep time to a couple of minutes.

★ Prepares students for standardized tests

Students who use FUNbook 2 will be prepared for standardized tests such as high school/university entrance exams, EIKEN (Japan), TOEIC (Japan), and others.

Worksheet types found in each unit of FUNbook 2

Here are the worksheet types found in each unit of FUNbook 2.

fb2 worksheet preview

Vocabulary found in each unit of FUNbook 2

fb2 vocab preview

FUN!book 2 Information

FUN!book 2: Super Easy Verbs & Sight Words!
ISBN 978-0-9971877-2-4

First published 2019 | BINGOBONGO Learning (Step by Step, Inc. Japan) |
Copyright © 2019 BINGOBONGO Learning (Step by Step, Inc. Japan) 

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