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Login or register to download free flashcards and worksheets. Spelling Lab worksheets use focused repetition to drill the correct forms of the vocabulary words. The words are in a random arrangement across the page, which makes a fun reading aloud challenge for more speaking!

Vocabulary: tall, short, noisy, quiet, clean, dirty, easy, difficult

All of the Spelling Lab worksheets are included in our original book Verbs and Sight Words: Phonics and Reading Rally FUN!book 2. Verbs and Sight Words EFL Text FUNbook

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Spelling Lab Worksheet 23

Spelling practice is an important part of learning new vocabulary, but students need a lot of repetition to learn the correct forms. In our Spelling Lab worksheets, the words from the unit can be found multiple times, but they are in a random arrangement so that students don’t just write out same word again and again. At the top of the sheet, students can check the correct spelling. Kids love the cute illustrations and opportunity to race each other to fill out the sheet!  

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