Free Comparative Adjective Matching Worksheet 1

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Login or register to download free flashcards and worksheets. Our Comparative Adjective Matching worksheets are a fun way to practice EIGHT new comparative adjectives, handwriting, and sight word skills. By reciting the sight words and completed sentences, students can build their speaking skills, too!

Comparative Adjectives: harder, softer, drier, wetter, slower, faster, smaller, bigger

All of the Comparative Adjective Matching worksheets are included in our original book Verbs and Sight Words: Phonics and Reading Rally FUN!book 2. Verbs and Sight Words EFL Text FUNbook

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Comparative Adjective Matching Worksheet 1

Our second set of Adjective Matching worksheets combine vocabulary review, sight word practice, handwriting practice, and speaking practice. Students link the comparative adjectives they are learning with memorable and easy-to-understand illustrations, and practice writing them. It’s easy for students to remember both the form and meaning of common comparative adjectives, and the context where they can be used. Students first match the comparative adjectives to the illustrations, and then write out each comparative adjective. Then students will quickly review ten useful sight words. Finally students write out whole sentences and fill them in with their missing comparative adjective in a challenging quiz! Ask students to read out the sentences at the end for even more speaking practice!  

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