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Phonics + Math FUN!book | EFL/ESL Coursebook/Workbook


Phonics + Math FUN!book is an exciting adventure in reading and writing like no other because you can scan and listen to all the words, questions, and stories in the book! This EFL/ESL phonics coursebook is a combination of a textbook and a workbook, so it’s the only book you’ll ever need to teach phonics.

It’s packed with 160 pages of fun, colorful worksheets that you can tear out to use in classes or as homework assignments. You can also find all the worksheets, flashcards, videos, games, lesson plans, and more for this phonics coursebook in our Online Resource Library, the ABC FUN!box, making it the perfect choice for online teachers, too!



Phonics + Math FUN!book – Phonics Textbook/Workbook Combination

Phonics + Math FUN!book is a complete phonics course designed specifically for EFL/ESL English programs

This FUN!book is more than just a phonics coursebook! It’s packed with fun challenges and activities that strengthen listening, speaking, reading, writing, problem-solving skills, and more!

Each unit focuses on a single vowel sound and has 16 different worksheets that teach, review, and reinforce important concepts, as well as challenge kids to solve problems on their own using familiar vocabulary, numbers, and the phonics-friendly names of the Digit Bugs in each unit.

And with the Digital Interactive Book System (DIBS), students will be more motivated than ever to learn! DIBS lets students play audio for new words, review using online games, watch videos, and more! Just scan the QR code on any page to launch the resource menu and turn this FUN!book into an interactive learning experience!

Phonics + Math FUN!book EFL/ESL Textbook Features

★ Colorful and engaging student-approved worksheets

The worksheet styles found in unit 1 repeat for every unit, so students quickly become familiar with the process, allowing them to concentrate on the content. Worksheets can also be torn out of the book and assigned page by page to simplify the homework process.

★ Speaking-focused worksheets that can be used as activities in lessons

FUN!book worksheets are not only great for teaching reading and writing, but they’re filled with speaking and listening activities that can be done in lessons. The Speed Read section found on many pages will quickly become a favorite activity for students to review and practice new words!

★ Scan and listen to the words, stories, questions, and answers on any page

Nearly every page in the Phonics + Math FUN!book has TALK!box codes so that students can hear the pronunciation of words and answers to all the problems in the worksheets. This adds a whole new dimension to how teachers and students can use the book in the classroom, in online lessons, or at home.

★ ABC FUN!box support for interactive online lessons, blended learning, or flipped classrooms

Thanks to a QR code on every worksheet, students and teachers can quickly access worksheet solutions, flashcards, interactive games, tutorial videos, and many other resources from our massive Online Resource Library and Online Teaching Platform, the ABC FUN!box. That means students will have more confidence to learn independently, letting teachers spend more time focusing on communication-based activities that students enjoy.

★ Teach new vocabulary and review familiar concepts

Phonics + Math FUN!book introduces new vocabulary and phonetic sounds together with vocabulary that students already know. When students see numbers and easy C-V-C words they already know, they will quickly gain a sense of confidence and motivation to learn more.

★ No need to plan lessons with FUN!books!

When using FUN!books, there’s no need to search for flashcards, resources, games, or activities in lessons since it’s all ready to go in the ABC FUN!box. You can build your own custom lesson plans from thousands of resources or use our standard lesson plans and reduce your lesson prep time to a couple of minutes.

Unit Topics, Vocabulary, and Grammar of Phonics + Math FUN!book

Here is a list of the topics for each unit found in the phonics coursebook, Phonics + Math FUN!book.

phonics math funbook table of contents

Worksheet types found in each unit of Phonics + Math FUN!book

Here are the worksheet types found in each unit of Phonics + Math FUN!book.

phonics math funbook table of contents 1

Video preview of Phonics + Math FUN!book

Phonics + Math FUN!book Information

Phonics + Math FUN!book
ISBN 978-0-9971877-6-2

First published 2021 | BINGOBONGO Learning (Step by Step, Inc. Japan) |
Copyright © 2021 BINGOBONGO Learning (Step by Step, Inc. Japan) 

Written, Designed, Illustrated by Jeremy Lanig

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