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  • All educators in Japan can request one free sample FUN!book to review and use in classes, but if you would like to order all five FUN!books in the collection to consider for your English program, then you can order them here for 50% off*. This sample pack includes all five FUN!books, ABCs & 123s Stickers, Verbs Stickers, Shapes and Colors Stickers, as well as other sample resources such as cards from our collectible EFL/ESL card game, Battle Eggs. *We provide one free sample FUN!book to any school or institution, so the price is based on 50% off the additional four books. If an educator, school, or organization has already requested a free sample book using our free sample FUN!book request form, then that FUN!book will not be included, and only the remaining four books will be sent in the order.
  • FUN!book 1: Super Easy ABCs & 123s (2nd Edition) is the EFL/ESL combination textbook/workbook that lets teachers prepare lessons with ease! Students as young as 3 years old will love working though the fun, colorful worksheets again and again. Every worksheet also has a QR code which can be used to access free resources such as flashcards, chant videos, and songs, as well as resources for ABC FUN!box members such as interactive games, and mini-lessons, and more! If you're looking for FUN!book 1: Super Easy ABCs & 123s (1st Edition), you can order it here.
  • FUN!book 2: Super Easy Verbs & Sight Words teaches students 90 new verbs, 80 new adjectives, and over 160 nouns in a fun and exciting English course. Using this FUN!books, teachers can prepare lessons in minutes with the ABC FUN!box to use chant videos, an interactive reading app, digital flashcards, worksheet solutions, video tutorials, and more!
  • FUN!book 3: Conversation Blast into the Past is sure to be a hit with your students as they learn advanced grammar and vocabulary in an engaging and motivating way. In addition to reviewing vocabulary and grammar from past FUN!books, this FUN!book has 150 new nouns, 150 new verbs, and 80 new adjectives organized in 10 unit topics. FUN!book 3 is not only filled with extensive reading and writing practice throughout the 10 units, it also has speaking-focused activities designed to get your students talking in English. Students and teachers can also use this FUN!book with the ABC FUN!box to access chant videos, an interactive reading app, digital flashcards, worksheet solutions, video tutorials, and more!

    When you order FUN!book 3, you get the following: FUN!book 3 (200 pages) WOW!book 3 (40 pages)

  • FUN!book 4: Talking About the Future is packed with 150 verbs, 150 nouns, and 80 new adjectives organized in 10 themed units about topics including global warming, endangered animals, and technology in the workplace. As a result of using this book, students will have ample opportunities to learn and review foundational grammar concepts such as the future tense, the present perfect tense, and the passive voice, as well as review vocabulary and grammar from previous FUN!books. Like FUN!book 3, FUN!book 4 also includes a supplementary workbook called WOW!book 4.
  • Phonics + Math FUN!book is an exciting adventure in reading and writing like no other because you can scan and listen to all the words, questions, and stories in the book! This EFL/ESL phonics coursebook is a combination of a textbook and a workbook, so it's the only book you'll ever need to teach phonics. It's packed with 160 pages of fun, colorful worksheets that you can tear out to use in classes or as homework assignments. You can also find all the worksheets, flashcards, videos, games, lesson plans, and more for this phonics coursebook in our Online Resource Library, the ABC FUN!box, making it the perfect choice for online teachers, too!  
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