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(Level 2 – Unit 17 Green)

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Level 2 – Unit 17

Free Curriculum Card Level 2 Unit 17
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Verbs: buying, pushing, enjoying, fishing, carrying, brushing, pinching, washing, shopping
Comparative Adjectives: shorter/longer, weaker/stronger, uglier/prettier, working/broken
Sight Words: TV, button, Japanese, dishes, dinner, breakfast, tooth, space, oil, usually
Review Vocab: China, Australia, the U.S.A, Japan, the U.K., Italy, Canada, France
Unit Topic:
Where’s he from? He’s from ________.
Where’s she from? She’s from ________.
Where’s it from? It’s from ________.
Where are you from? I’m from ________.
Where am I from? You’re from ________.
Where are they from? They’re from ________.
Unit Song: 33 Things I like to Think About
Song Vocabulary: There are 33 things I like to think about, 33 things I like to think about, 33 things I like to think about, I’ll tell you now. Red raccoons, blue bunnies, green gorillas, yellow yaks, orange owls, purple pigs, pink pandas, rainbow rabbits…

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Unit 17 Songs and Videos

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Unit Song 33 things I like to think about

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