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(Level 2 – Unit 14 Green)

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Level 2 – Unit 14

Free Curriculum Card Level 2 Unit 14
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Verbs: skiing, hating, mopping, going, painting, baking, waiting, skating, and taking out
Comparative Adjectives: safer/more dangerous, real/fake, the same/different, earlier/later
Sight Words: winter, pictures, smell, hear, subject, ghost, autumn, mountain, English, French
Review Vocab: hockey, basketball, football, baseball, bowling, soccer, tennis, badminton
Unit Topic:
What is his name? His name is ________.
What is her name? Her name is ________.
What is its name? Its name is ________.
What is your name? My name is ________.
What is my name? Your name is ________.
What are their names? Their names are _______.
Unit Song: Hello, Hello. What’s Your Name?
Song Vocabulary: Hello, what’s your name?My name is Glenda. What’s your name? My name is Jeremy. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too.

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Unit Song Hello, hello. What's your name?

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