The Hokey Pokey Shake Video

Hi, I’m Jeremy. I have been teaching English in Kagawa, Japan for more than 8 years and I have always found that traditional songs for kids aren’t always best for the vocabulary I want to teach. One example is the famous song, “The Hokey Pokey.” So another veteran ESL teacher, Chris, and I wrote 19 songs that teach complete and useful grammar patterns. The best thing is that kids can learn and memorize these patterns naturally and easily as they sing and dance. Our newest video is from one such song, The Hokey Pokey Shake.

When I was learning Japanese as a second language, I found music to be one of the best methods of study. I think this principle applies to students of any age, studying any language. So please check out the fun and groovy songs from “A-Go! Kids Rock.” We will be adding more videos and updating the website frequently!