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    Download these free 19 Emotions and Feelings Flashcards to teach students a number of different ways to answer the question, "How are you?" They're cute, simple, and best of all, easy to remember. Emotions and feelings are a great way to warm up any EFL/ESL English lesson, and these free flashcards will give students something to look forward to, every class. This flashcard pack has the following emotions and feelings: good, fine, sleepy, happy, OK, hungry, thirsty, hot, cold, angry, sad, scared, confused, excited, full, sick, great, tired, and busy. English curriculum with feelings emotions flashcards These flashcards are a part of the BINGOBONGO English Curriculum, so if you need more free flashcards, worksheets, lesson plans, and more, check out our Downloadable English Curriculum with thousands of pages of PDFs and online teaching resources.  

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  • Your students will love talking about how they are with our Emotions and Feelings Flashcards from our series of Editable Interactive PDF Tools for Teachers. You can customize each card to practice different emotions and feelings! This is a great activity to do as a warm-up at the start of class to practice English expressions like "How are you today?", and "I'm happy!" You can see our Editable Interactive PDF Emotions and Feelings Flashcards in action in this video:
  • There's no better way to interactively teach, practice, and learn vocabulary than with our Editable Interactive Flashcards! Using these editable Emotions flashcards, you can easily fill in your own vocabulary, sentences, and questions in the available input boxes to make fun and interactive lessons online or in the classroom. The same flashcards can be used with different levels of students and add a whole new level of engagement as students see what they say displayed on your handheld device or computer screen! Another cool feature is the ability to save multiple copies for each of your lessons. These Emotions flashcards can be used as a great learning tool on their own, or can be used alongside our Downloadable Curriculum Packs. Login or register to download free flashcards and worksheets. You can see the Emotions 01 - Editable Interactive Flashcards in action below:
  • Login or register to download free flashcards and worksheets. Get the free flashcard pack, "Hello. How Are You? - Greetings and Emotions 1" to teach young ESL/EFL learners their first and most important English expressions. These double-sided vocabulary flashcards can be used not only to review each word from the illustration alone, but also along with the written forms as well. The dialogue cards have the question on one side and the answer on the reverse side.
  • Login or register to download free flashcards and worksheets. Download this free ESL printable flashcard pack, to teach your students the 10 How is he/she? words from the BINGOBONGO Learning Level 1 Curriculum. These flashcards are great for teaching students how to describe people, and to talk about how they feel. The words included in this pack are: tall, short, thick, thin, strong, weak, cool, cute, good, and bad. Suited for beginners and young children, these free colorful and easy-to-understand flashcards help your students to learn and make preparation a breeze!