Here’s the video of my (Jeremy Lanig) presentation about BINGOBONGO Learning at the ETJ Kansai Expo on Sunday February 18, 2018. The initial title was “How to Create the Perfect Custom Curriculum with Free Flashcards, Worksheets, Songs, and Videos by AGO Kids!”

The title was changed to “I’ve got 99 problems but… finding great solutions to my teaching-related problems using BINGOBONGO Learning’s free, downloadable flashcards, videos, songs, worksheets, lesson planning ideas and more!… isn’t one of them.”

This is the slideshow in JPG form.

It was great to have such great interaction from the audience when discussing various ESL/EFL teaching ideas such as my four Rs of ESL/EFL English education. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to present. By the way, I mentioned that I sang Japanese hip hop in a karaoke contest before accidentally dropping my mic on stage. The video from that event is below.

This was our first time to get out and promote BINGOBONGO Learning’s. We were able to meet a lot of great English teachers from all around Japan, and we can’t wait to do it again.

Lanig Jeremy

Jeremy is the founder and director of BINGOBONGO Learning and Step by Step Eikaiwa in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. He is also the creator of the Stagger-Repeat Teaching Method (START Method). Unable to find adequate teaching resources to meet his high standards of education, he decided to build his own English education resources from scratch to help his students learn English and become confident communicators.

Jeremy regularly gives presentations and workshops around Japan. He has also shared many of his ideas and experiences with numerous people through podcasts. You can hear selected podcasts below or check the following schedule of upcoming events and presentations to find out more.

★Selected Podcasts★

Language School Owners Podcast: Self Publishing Your Own Curriculum

Language Kitchen Podcast 10 - A Story of Success as a Lifelong Learner by Huy Tran of Language Kitchen

★Upcoming Events and Presentations★


★JALT PANSIG Conference★
May 18/19, 2019

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