The Best New ABC Song To Learn The Alphabet: ABC to XYZ

We’re excited to announce our second video to the hot new album, BINGOBONGO Rock Volume 1. This song, ABC to XYZ, was an instant hit with our students as an alternative to the classic ABC song that everyone knows. Of course we love the childhood alphabet song we grew up with too, but let’s face it, some songs just aren’t that great for the ESL classroom.


For example, one major difference is the L M N O P part of the song. We decided to slow things down a bit and take each letter one step at a time. Our students love it and learn the alphabet much faster than before, with better pronunciation. We’ve also cut out the “and” between Y Z so that students aren’t confusing it as part of the other letters.

Let’s Go Faster!

To top it off, we’ve added an ending which is easier to understand and more useful. “I can sing from ABC to XYZ” is simple, fun, and easy for kids to use in many situations. Like many BINGOBONGO songs, the songs starts slow and builds speed for a fun challenge.

We hope you enjoy the BINGOBONGO original ABC song, “ABC to XYZ.”