7 Free Interactive Halloween Games and Activities for Teaching Online Lessons

free interactive halloween games

These interactive Halloween games and activities are sure to make your online lessons and parties a spooky hit!

Halloween is popular all over the world with children and adults, but many teachers are forced to move Halloween parties into their online classrooms using Zoom, Skype, or other teleteaching software. That means having fun, interactive Halloween games and activities is more important than ever. This list of 7 PDF interactive Halloween activities will turn your online classes into exciting Halloween parties!
If you haven’t tried our PDF interactive games or activities such as ChompMan, Spot the Difference, or Easy PDF Games for Kids, then you’re in a for a treat. The PDFs can be downloaded to any computer or mobile device and used with ease. They’re even great for regular classrooms equipped with technology such as projectors or interactive whiteboards. You can read more about the benefits of using interactive PDFs in the online lessons here.

The List of 7 Free Interactive Halloween Games and Activities

The list below has interactive Halloween games and activities suitable for students of all ages, and you can download all of them for free. If you and your students love these games and activities, then you won’t want to miss our hundreds of other interactive PDF games and resources. Members of the Monthly Resources Download Club get unlimited download access to all our past interactive PDF activities, plus over 30 new resources each month.

1. Halloween ChompMan

Watch out because Ari the Alligator is back in this super popular, hangman-alternative game, ChompMAN. There are 2 vocabulary sets in these free interactive Halloween games which students will love playing again and again. For larger classes, play ChompMAN on hard mode with teams to see which team gets CHOMPED first.

2. Easy Halloween PDF Games for Kids

We have a large selection of Easy PDF Kids Games, but our Easy Halloween PDF Games for Kids are especially exciting. In this free PDF download, students can try to guess which egg has the Halloween character. It’s great for practicing Halloween vocabulary and spelling. There are two versions, and both are free to download and use again and again.

3. Interactive Halloween Costumes Flashcard Set

In this free interactive Halloween flashcard set, students can see some popular Halloween costumes and guess what they are. After that, you can click a button in the PDF to reveal the answer and a question about that word like, “Do you want to be a ghost?”

4. Editable Interactive Halloween Flashcards

If you’ve used our Halloween flashcards or seen the free Halloween flashcards and games over at the site free-flashcards-download.com, then you know how much students love the cute illustrations. Now you can use our free interactive Halloween flashcards with the same images. The big difference, however, is that you can write in your own words and sentences during the lessons.

Get them here!

5. Halloween-Themed Spot the Difference Games

For younger learners, our interactive Spot the Differences Games are the ultimate free interactive Halloween games. There are two versions in this series, and kids get excited to try to spot the differences between the two Halloween-themed pictures full of Halloween vocabulary such as bat, ghost, witch, candy, pumpkin, mummy, black cat, vampire, and more! After they spot the difference, they can touch the screen and mark the differences as they get points.

6. Interactive Halloween Quizzes

Quizzes might sound boring to some students, but our interactive true or false quizzes and standard quizzes are always a hit in online lessons. There are four quizzes in total, and they’ll be a hit in any lesson or event, online or in the classroom. Teachers can even edit the questions to make their own original quizzes. This is a great way to adjust the difficulty level and match it to your class’ English level.

7. Conversation Pack for Adult Students (Topic: Holidays)

holiday journals 1holiday journals 2

Kids aren’t the only ones who love Halloween! Adults are also excited to learn and talk about different cultures in English. While they are not technically interactive games, our interactive conversation packs are still a great interactive way to talk about various topics. In our topic about Holidays, students can learn about the different meanings of the words “holiday” and “vacation” depending on who’s using them.

This also helps students understand some subtle differences between British English and American English. In this conversation pack with ten different activities, there are also some fun holidays to read about such as Day of the Dead, the Santa Run, and Talk Like a Pirate Day.

And don’t forget about our huge selection of free printable Halloween Games and Halloween craft ideas

Whether you use one or all of the free interactive Halloween games above, you’re sure to have a great time with students learning about Halloween. For those who also need printable flashcards, worksheets, quizzes, or posters, we also have a giant selection of free resources you’ll definitely want to download and use. You can read more about those in this article about our Halloween resources. Have a happy interactive Halloween!