Here at A-Go Kids we are proud release our new animated music video “33 Things”. “33 Things” focuses on learning a lot of new adjectives and animal names, from red raccoons to slimy slugs! Each of the words use also focus on the use of opposites, such as tall/short, boring/interesting, weak/strong, so there are many different things you can learn from this song. We have also used helpful phonics teaching methods to help your child improve their pronunciation of many of these words and to aid them in their use of English.


“33 Things” will be included in our upcoming kid’s music album, so it’s a good time for you all to learn the lyrics and then you can be singing at home and in class with all your friends. The flashcards to “33 things” will be released on the A Go Kids website very shortly so keep checking back for many new free resources to use in the classroom or at home!


Target Vocabulary


In this song you will be able to learn how to say the following animals:


Raccoons, bunnies, gorillas, yaks, owls, pigs, pandas, rabbits, hamsters, lions, giraffes, mice, salamanders, frogs, turkeys, snakes, catfish, foxes, spiders, bats, iguanas, beavers, hippos, sea lions, narwhals, quails, baboons, tigers, sloths, walruses, seals, horses and slugs!


(Wow that’s a lot of animals!!)


You will also be able to describe these animals using the following adjectives:


Red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, rainbow, heavy, light, giant, mini, skinny, fat, thin, tall, short, cool, funny, silly, boring, interesting, beautiful, handsome, stylish, noisy, quiet, busy, tired, strong, weak, sick, healthy and slippery!


Can you use these words to describe your own things? Do you have a red chair or a cool hat? Maybe you have a noisy dog or a funny dad.



We would love to hear about what you think of our new video, so if you have any thoughts or questions then please send us a message or leave a comment on our Youtube video!